Justice & Peace

Deals with the social justice aspects of the church.

Justice and Peace – The aims of the Justice & Peace Ministry are to promote justice and peace action in the light of the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church as an integral part of the mission of the Catholic Church in Southern Africa.

The St John’s J&P Ministry aims to promote the Social Teachings in a manner that links them to real world matters as far as possible. We plan to do this through actions such as publishing leaflets on matters relating to the Social Teachings and their relevance to South African laws, working with groups that are concerned about changing unfair practices, monitoring Local Government performance (especially service delivery in under privileged areas), as well as working with our local Police force.

The Justice & Peace Ministry is not only concerned with typical ‘justice and peace’ matters, it is about the Church being involved in the World and in matters which may not appear to be obviously linked to the Church but are bridges between the principles of the Church and humankind and everyday issues.

PPC Responsible person / Members

  • John F / Tony P

For more information please contact the Parish Office

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