Society of Saint Vincent De Paul – SSVP

Deals with the poor and is the social outreach of the parish.

  • Social outreach – The main function of the society is to reach out to the poor, by befriending them and providing food, clothing and spiritual encouragement as needed. Obtaining materials and equipment for projects such as a vegetable garden, sewing club and soup kitchen encourages self-sufficiency. These efforts are mainly focused in Zandspruit, the local informal settlement.
  • Fund raising is done to help finance or buy food for various charitable organisations. Christmas parties are organised for crèches and a pensioners club in the local informal settlement. An annual blanket drive takes place as well as the Care and Share project to buy food parcels for the poor at Christmas. Prayer cards and bibles are also distributed in the local informal settlement.

PPC Responsible person / Members

  • Paulinah

For more information please contact the Parish Office

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