Care Group

Group of women that deals with Pastoral outreach processes.

  • Hospital visits – The sick at Olivedale Clinic are visited every week. Management has now decided not to make patients religious affiliations available so we can only visit those patients who have made contact with the church and let us know that they are in the hospital. The patients at the Wilgeheuwel Hospital are still visited regularly, offering them comfort and prayer
  • Home visits – The Care Group tries to visit at private homes whenever we hear of a need, be it bereavement, new baby or illness
  • Prayer chain – The Prayer Chain consists of three chains, mornings, afternoons and evenings, where parishioners’ needs are prayed for
  • Catering for funeral teas – Funeral teas are done on a donation basis
  • Sewing – The Sewing Group meets every Thursday morning in the hall, sewing and knitting for the underprivileged and making items that can be sold. They also sew robes for the altar servers, Extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and the First Communion children
  • Senior Citizen Lunch – Each year the seniors of the parish are invited to a lunch where a delicious three course meal is served and they are entertained. Lifts are organised for those that cannot get to the church. What a lovely way to meet and socialise with friends
  • Seniors Mass – Held once a month, the Care Group makes tea after the service
  • Kingsway School – The Care Group makes sandwiches for them on a weekly basis
  • Flowers and meals are delivered when The Care Group hears of a need.

PPC Responsible person / Members

  • Sharon

For more information please contact the Parish Office

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