The youth of the parish divided into three groups: YCK; Senior Youth; Young Adults. Also participate fully in Sunday evening Mass through music, proclaimers & commentators

Young Christian Kids

Our youth group for ages 7-13! We meet every second Friday evening from 6-8 pm. Our programs include treasure hunts, videos; stalk the lantern, lots of games, ice-cream, biscuits, pizza and lots more. We have a dedicated team of young, caring leaders. We aim to show children that they are loved by God and His Church, and to lead them in the Catholic Life. All are welcome and you can bring your friends too!

 Senior Youth

Our older youth for ages 14 – 17, meet every alternate Friday evening from 6-8 pm. Friendships are an important part of our focus, and to strengthen the faith of our young people, and build their confidence in themselves and our God. All kinds of topics and events.

Young Adults

A cell group for ages 18-25, who are interested in strengthening their faith and learning more about what we believe. Once we’re confirmed we often find ourselves alone as young people in the church – our young adults group is there to fill that space.

Other Youth Ministries offered.

  • Community Outreach
  • Youth Band
  • Proclaimers & Commentators
  • Altar Serving

And so much more…Watch the newsletter for specific details.

PPC Responsible person / Members

  • Caleigh

For more information please contact the Parish Office

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