Communication Desk

The committee collects, compiles and distributes information and photographs through the “Parish Pulse” (Pulse), the parish Website and through Catholic Newspapers, being the Southern Cross and Archdiocesan News. Parishioners passionate about sharing information with their fellow parishioners, while achieving spiritual fulfilment, are welcome.

  • Parish Bulletin – Weekly Newsletter, handed out at weekend masses.
  • Parish Pulse – The Pulse is a quarterly magazine handed out at weekend masses.
  • Parish Website – The Parish centred website with regular updates 

Both magazine and website advises parishioners of upcoming events, contains articles (requested and sometimes cajoled by the committee!) written by parishioners and recent parish events. These events include programmes of faith enrichment, activities of various ministries, social occasions.  The Pulse also contains the “Classifieds” section, which is our bulletin board of announcements of confirmation, catechetics, baptisms, marriages and funerals that have taken place in the parish.

PPC Responsible person / Members

  • David W / Natalie D J

For more information please contact the Parish Office

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